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India Brook - Lyrics
© Janina Serden

India brook, who am I
Where do I look, are the answers found in a book
 Are all of my questions fair
I was tryin’ to find a little peace in my mind
When I noticed that you were there
I saw you moving and flowing
Even rocks can’t make you stay
Bending and changing
Through the blocks you find a way
Moving and flowing, changing and growing
Quietly knowing, I’m home
Walking and watching, waiting and wondering
Feeling, I’m not alone

India brook, you moved me when I was stuck
You taught me that I could trust the voice deep inside of me
I am starting to see just what it means to be free
By accepting the mystery
I started giving and taking all the joy that comes my way
Sharing and making my own music every day
Giving and taking, sharing and making
Breaking away from the past
 Hearing and seeing
Really believing that life has a meaning at last


India Brook

written and performed by
Janina Serden Sebesky

Grammy nominated artist and producer Janina Serden Sebesky has performed as a solo singer and pianist and as a featured vocalist with symphony orchestra. She was music director for the Emmy nominated children’s television series “Allegra’s Window” on Nickelodeon and has sung on many radio and television commercials.   

Trust The Voice Deep Inside
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