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Cherish Your Girlfriends - Lyrics
© Kitt Moran and Janina Serden

I sat at the kitchen table
As my mother cooked something nice
I sipped on my cup of coffee and listened to her advice
She said you can go through boyfriends
Get married, become a wife
But there’s something very important
You’ll need throughout your life
It’s something to count on, someone to care
When there’s good news or bad news, you need to share
Women need girlfriends to give their heart
Be open to let friendship start

 So cherish your girlfriends, whatever you do
Cherish your girlfriends and they will be there for you

 They’re there for special moments
With laughter or with tears
Girlfriends will sit and listen, they’ll be your eyes and ears
They’re there when your heart is broken
Believe in your field of dreams
Rejoice in what makes you happy
Join in your crazy schemes

Women need women
I know it’s true
They’ll come to your rescue
They always do
Old friends and new friends
Our future and past
It takes love to make friendship last

 Cherish your girlfriends, whatever you do
Cherish your girlfriends and they will be there for you


Cherish Your Girlfriends

This song comes from the new musical CHICK SOUP - Find out more at the website.

Kitt Moran and Janina Serden Sebesky wrote CHICK SOUP: A Musical Recipe for Friendship to celebrate their thirty-year friendship. Performed by celebrated divas Elaine Caswell, Julia Wade, Emily Bindiger and Catherine Russell.

Cherish Your Girlfriends
cover art by Olivia Sebesky

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