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Chick Soup - Lyrics
© Janina Serden & Kitt Moran

Reach out your hand
I can see what you need
Sit yourself down
And with love we’ll proceed

Come share your dreams
Speak your piece
Spill your tears
We’ll hold your hand
You can shed all your fears

Pour out your song
Measure up with the truth
Risk knowing yourself
What you need is Chick Soup

We’re cookin’ up a little inspiration today
A gathering of girlfriends, a nutritious soufflé
A pinch of this, a dash of that, we’re ready to say
We are Chick Soup

We’re shoutin’ hooray
We’re gonna celebrate
Such an amazing group
The flavor of life is in the recipe
To make Chick Soup
We are Chick Soup

All that we have
All that is good
Laughter and love
The soul of sisterhood

Pour out your song
Measure up with the truth
Risk knowing yourself
What you need is Chick Soup

Leave out the bitters
And the humble pie
We’re the salt of the earth
We’re the pie in the sky
The milk of human kindness
The apple of your eye
The sugar in your coffee
And that’s why
It’s gonna be a fine Chick Soup
It’s gonna be a fine Chick Soup
No one’s out of the loop
Now we’re cookin’
Now, we’re really cookin’
Yeah it’s lookin’
Wow, it’s really lookin’
So good
Let’s boast
Let’s toast
To our homemade Chick Soup


Chick Soup

This song comes from the new musical CHICK SOUP - Find out more at the website.

Kitt Moran and Janina Serden Sebesky wrote CHICK SOUP: A Musical Recipe for Friendship to celebrate their thirty-year friendship. Performed by celebrated divas Elaine Caswell, Julia Wade, Emily Bindiger and Catherine Russell.

Women Need Girlfriends
cover art by Olivia Sebesky

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