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The Innkeeper's Wife  - Lyrics
© Don Sebesky

‘Twas on a cold midwinter night a knock came at the door
A man and wife who far from home
For shelter did implore
The man concerned, the woman calm
Her face serene and mild
And as I looked into her eyes
I saw she was with child

Oh, how my heart did weep to see them in their plight
On that cold midwinter night

But there was no room, no room, no room anywhere
In all of Bethlehem that night
There was no room left to spare
Except for the stable, the stable
Was the best that we could do
They thanked us saying good friends
May all God's blessings come to you
May his blessings come to you

All through the dark and lonely hours
I tried in vain to sleep
My thoughts were with the man and maid
And the vigil they did keep
As I looked out I saw a single star up in the sky
And as the dawn began to break, I heard a baby cry

Oh, how my heart rejoiced
At the sound so clear and bright
On that cold midwinter night

I quickly hastened from my bed to see that all was well
There were shepherds gathering in the fields
And on their knees they fell
At the wonders they beheld

For there were angels, angels, angels hovering on high
Singing sweetly to the babe who on the straw did lie
And I saw three kings, three kings, all on bended knee
And as they gave their precious gifts
I moved closer to see
And the baby smiled at me

And there was no room, no room, I swear by stars above
There was no room left within my heart
For anything, not anything but love


The Innkeeper's Wife

written by
Don Sebesky
performed by

Janina Serden Sebesky

Don Sebesky is a multiple Grammy and Tony award-winning composer and arranger, who is happy to share his 30th Grammy nomination for The Velveteen Rabbit “Best Musical Album for Children” with his wife Janina.    

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