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These cards feature songs from the new musical CHICK SOUP - find out more about the show at the website

Card Title: Cherish Your Girlfriends

Description: For celebrating special friends and relationships

Song Title: Cherish Your Girlfriends

Lyrics: Something to count on, someone to care, when there's good news or bad news...

Card Title: Enjoy The Journey

Description: Celebrating the powerful connection between women of every age

Song Title: The Stages of Life

Lyrics: I'm grateful, I'm happy, I'm loving every stage of my life...

Card Title: Hand Pick Your Man

Description: A fun and light-hearted look at choosing "Mr. Right"

Song Title: Hand Pick Your Man

Lyrics: There’s a lot of frogs in the dating pool, you can squeeze the fruit to see if it’s ripe...

Card Title: We Love Shoes

Description: Send birthday or everyday wishes or just say "hello" to your favorite collector

Song Title: Shoes

Lyrics: The fetish becomes a fairy tale when you find the perfect kind and they’re on sale!...

Card Title: We Get Better With Age

Description: A feisty tribute to women celebrating the change of life

Song Title: This Is Menopause

Lyrics: I'm really burning with fire to spread my wings, I've got a knowing it's my time for great things...

Card Title: Women Need Girlfriends

Description: Send comfort, support and friendship on any day

Song Title: Chick Soup

Lyrics: Come share your dreams, speak your piece, spill your tears...

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